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Visit our other vacation property, The Anton villas, Port Antonio, Jamaica. Experience Luxury, Embrace Nature.

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Welcome to
The Darlingford Farm, Jamaica 

Darlingford Farm is nestled on 128 acres of lush fields between the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the majestic Blue Mountains and is known for its spectacular views and tropical breezes. Located on the eastern end of Jamaica in an area commonly called Manchioneal, in the parish of Portland, Our farmhouse is perfect for a family vacation, a romantic get away, or even a solo adventure, this property offers you peace and tranquility for those who want to relax and unwind, with access to the other exciting destinations within the parish of Portland. On arrival, you will meander past our distinctive white fence, down our slightly long driveway, and past our grazing horses, arriving at our wooden farmhouse which captures the splendor of old Jamaican Architecture, with its spacious, elegantly but casual decor. 

Farm Stay

The property consists of the farm house with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, a staff quarters, and newly built horse stables. The house is a historic gem – built in 1910, it has all of its original architecture and detail with an interior modern update. Wake up to the sounds of the sea & nature and start your day with an organic breakfast sourced directly.


 Our estate is located on a historical residential and agricultural land. According to the National Library of Jamaica, the land was used for animal grazing and coconut farming. The land also includes; The Hector's River Airstrip, formerly located on the southern part of the property...


 Our estate consists of rich natural beauty as well as few agricultural adventures. We have coastal features such as cliffs, waterfalls, beaches and bays. Sit back, relax and take in the breathtaking, panoramic views the property has to offer.

In essence, Darlingford Farm, could be a haven for nature enthusiasts,  and those seeking an authentic Jamaican countryside experience.

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Darlingford farm, vacation rental getaway in jamaica
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