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Darlingford Farm offers a captivating retreat that blends agriculture with stunning natural beauty of the island.

 Situated in the lush and verdant Portland Parish of Jamaica, our estate offers a patchwork of cultivated fields and orchards. The surrounding area includes a variety of crops, including tropical fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and coconuts adding a picturesque quality to the landscape – and your breakfast bowl. Guests staying with us, can expect to be immersed in a world of natural beauty of the surroundings and the daily activities such as water fall guided tours, nature walks though the country, and much more.  Venture to the estate next door, The Errol Flynn's Estates which start at Boston and includes 3,000 acres of coconuts and cattle pasture with a large herd of Jamaica Reds. Get out there and explore Portland's other natural wonders such as the stunning Frenchman's cove beach, the magical Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande River– welcome to the land of plenty.

Try local foods

Boston jerk stop in jamaica,

Nearby is the town of Boston, which is internationally known as the home of jerked pork, a spicy snack which originated with the Maroons  who hunted wild boar in the Portland mountains and smoked it over open fires

Boston jerk, jamaica,

Darlingford Farm got its name from the original owner,
The Duke of Darlingford


 The Darlingford Estate is located on historically residential and agricultural land. The main house house was constructed in 1910. There used to be a cottage on the property, however the cottage was destroyed due to road expansion. According to the National Library of Jamaica, the property was used for animal grazing and coconut farming, before the outbreak of the lethal yellowing disease from the 1960's-70's.

darlingford farm, historic house rental,


built in 1910

Aerial view of the estate from years 1968-2021. Note the change in vegetation, airstrip*

Ariel views of Darlingford estate,

*Interesting fact: The infamous Hector's River airstrip formerly located on the property was used to facilitate a crop duster, but during the government's crackdown on the drug trade during the 1970's, the airstrip was destroyed.

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Visit our other property, The Anton, Port Antonio, Jamaica. Experience Luxury, Embrace Nature

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